Bella Poultry Farm

Large Arena Style Coops

We raise our chickens in large arena size coops, so our birds are able to run around in a safe controlled environment area.  We believe the mroe excercise the bird can do the better the taste.  This is to allow more flavor and texture to our heritage chickens.

Our poultry have the room to run around, and also have no outside contact from outside avians that may spread diseases at the same time.

Bo Bo Free-Floor Chickens

A family owned operation with our farm to grow our own birds to supply the public, supermarkets, wholesalers, restaurants with our all natural birds since 1985.

We grow the best breed for our slow growing program to use with low fat diet.  We believe with any farm animal, the slower the birds grow the better the bird taste.

We look for the best tasting, slow growing breed out there. We take approximately 12 weeks to grow our color feather birds.  This is double the growing time compared to commerical bird with finish time 5 to 6 weeks on high fat diet.  These are our most famous Bo Bo birds.  The slower birds that are grown, are more tender with better chicken flavor.  We have the space and ability to grow our birds slowly, so you can experience the real chicken flavor.

Our birds are given vegetable oil, instead of animal fat or old bakery by-products.  The vegetable oil give the birds better taste. Many chicken farms cut cost by using animal fat or old bakery by-products for this purpose.
Hours of Operation
Monday - Saturday 6:30am - 2:00pm
1131 Grand St
Brooklyn, NY 11211